Exploring New Horizons: G&E Sales' Business Expedition to Baghdad, Iraq

A Recap of Our Business Trip Iraq's Capital

In our ambitious pursuit to expand G&E Sales' global footprint, we embarked on a significant business trip to Baghdad, Iraq in October 2022. This expedition was carefully planned and filled with productive engagements and strategic discussions with key Iraqi officials and business leaders.

According to the World Bank's Iraq Economic Monitor, Iraq's economy is experiencing a robust recovery, with GDP growth projected to reach an impressive 8.7% in 2022. This positive economic outlook provided a promising backdrop for our visit.

Engagement with the German Embassy

Our trip began with an enlightening visit to the German Embassy in Baghdad. Here, we engaged in a meaningful dialogue with embassy officials about the current business climate in Iraq. This initial meeting set the stage for our subsequent interactions and provided a solid foundation for understanding the local business environment.

Insights from the Central Bank of Iraq

A pivotal moment of our trip was our meeting with the Managing Director of the Central Bank of Iraq. This discussion provided invaluable insights into the Iraqi financial system and highlighted numerous potential investment opportunities. The exchange was both enlightening and encouraging, and reinforced our belief in the country's economic potential.

Meetings with Iraqi Ministers

Throughout our stay, we were privileged to meet with several Iraqi ministers, including representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Energy, and the Ministry of Water. These discussions focused on critical issues such as environmental sustainability, agricultural development, construction advancements, water resource management, and energy solutions. Our dialogues were aimed at identifying and fostering potential collaborations to promote sustainable development in Iraq.

Inspiring meetings with Iraqi startups

One of the most inspiring aspects of our trip was our interaction with Iraqi startups. We were deeply impressed by the innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit of these emerging companies. We explored ways to support their growth and development, recognizing the critical role they play in driving economic progress.

Celebrating German National Day

We were also honored to participate in the German National Day celebration at the Embassy. This event provided a unique networking opportunity, allowing us to connect with the German Ambassador as well as numerous German and Iraqi business representatives. It was a moment to celebrate the strong bilateral relationship between Germany and Iraq and to foster new business relationships.

Conclusion: A successful expedition

In conclusion, our business trip to Baghdad was a resounding success. We gained a deep understanding of the business opportunities and challenges in Iraq. As we continue our efforts to expand G&E Sales' global reach, we are excited about the potential collaborations and partnerships that lie ahead in this dynamic region.

G&E Sales is dedicated to assisting companies in navigating the complexities of international market entry. Leveraging our extensive experience and strategic approach, we are well-equipped to support your company in entering the emerging Iraqi market.

If you are considering entering this market, we encourage you to reach out to us today to explore how we can collaborate for your success.

Exploring New Horizons: G&E Sales' Business Expedition to Baghdad, Iraq
Martin Konerth 28 October 2022
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