Trade Brokerage

Efficient trade brokerage through G&E Sales:

We find reliable partners for you in global markets!

Do you want to conquer the international market but are struggling to find the right business partner?

Without local market knowledge and an extensive network, searching for international business partners can be frustrating and time-consuming, making it difficult to distribute your products and services. However, it doesn't have to be the case! G&E Sales' trade brokerage offers you the right solution. We have a wide network with in-depth market knowledge and help you find the right business partner for your project. With the help of our contacts, excellent engagement, long-standing experience, and know-how, you can strengthen your presence in new markets, increase revenue, and pave the way to success. Contact us to successfully expand your international business activities and achieve your goals!

What is included in the Trade Brokerage of G&E Sales?

Take advantage of the comprehensive services provided by G&E Sales' trade intermediation to simplify your search for international business partners. Connect with "big players" and specific customer groups through our wide network in various industries and markets. We assist you in developing business relationships, negotiating contracts, and handling special requests. Thanks to our partners and us, linguistic and cultural barriers are easily overcome, so you can fully rely on G&E Sales' services. Contact us to find the right business partner for you worldwide!

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Contacting the big players and specific customer groups of the required market

Development of business relationships

Support in contract negotiations

Handling of specific requests

Overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers

Different types of trade brokerage

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