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As you expand globally, you need a strong international business strategy to confront different markets and cultures.

Global & Emerging Sales (G&E Sales) can help you identify the right strategies and ensure that your products or services enter new global markets seamlessly while meeting local requirements.

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 Understand The Challenges Of Global Expansion

Expansion into international markets is a huge undertaking, and while the rewards are great, businesses often face a number of challenges along the way. Identifying and overcoming these obstacles is important for smooth global growth and G&E Sales is here to help.

Here are the main challenges you can face:

Complex Regulations, Laws & Compliance

For companies looking to expand internationally, it becomes a real challenge to deal with the complex landscape of compliance requirements, regulations, and laws. 

Language Barriers & Cultural Differences

Underestimating the challenges of language and cultural differences can quickly become a major obstacle to the success of international business development. 

Limited Access To Local Networks & Contacts

A lack of strong local networks and contacts makes it difficult to build key relationships and obtain industry and market information, which hinders overall business success. 

Unawareness Of The Global Marketplace

Insufficient knowledge of local markets can lead to significant disadvantages in business operations and poor strategic decisions.

Difficulties In Establishing Local Presence & Brand Awareness

A weak local presence and lack of brand awareness can lead to potential customers not being able to find or trust the company, resulting in low sales and reduced growth.

Challenges In Adapting Marketing & Sales Strategies To International Markets

Incorrect marketing and sales strategies can significantly impact the sales potential of a product or brand.

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Martin Konerth • Owner & Founder

International Market Entry Consultancy 

G&E Sales specializes in providing strategic market entry consulting to support businesses in successfully expanding their products and services into international markets. 

Digital Marketing Services

Expand your global brand awareness with G&E Sales, providing brand strengthening services on international markets. 

Trade Brokerage

Expand through networking: G&E Sales' matchmaking services help connect your business with the right partners.   

Import & Export

Ensure compliance and convenience: G&E Sales provides import and export services for your products in accordance with legal regulations.  

Distribution & Projects

Competent logistics management: G&E Sales delivers your products to customers and provides logistics for projects worldwide.   

Sales Process Optimization

Streamline your sales process: G&E Sales' process optimization increases profit Magins and reduces unnecessary costs.    

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G&E Sales' Story

G&E Sales was established by an innovative founder who understood the significance of expanding businesses abroad and the assistance needed by most companies. With the goal of connecting ambition and achievement, G&E Sales has become the gateway for companies to the global markets.

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