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G&E Sales, your reliable and trustworthy partner from Germany for successful global market expansion - leverage our global network and expertise to break through with your brand, products, and services on an international level.


your business success is our  mission.

Reach Your International Business Goals with G&E Sales. As an experienced consultant and partner for international trade based in Germany, our mission is to provide you with comprehensive support for your long-term business success.

Thanks to our broad range of services, we can help you successfully position your business in international markets. Trust in the expertise of G&E Sales and successfully expand your business in new markets.

About G&E Sales  

Challenges in global expansion:

Complex regulations, laws, and compliance requirements

Compliance requirements, regulations, and laws pose a significant obstacle for companies planning international expansion.

Language barriers and cultural differences

Underestimated language entry barriers and cultural differences can quickly become challenging obstacles that negatively impact success in international market entries.

Limited access to local networks and contacts

In the absence of strong local networks and contacts, it can be difficult to establish business relationships and obtain key market and industry information, which can impede business success.

Lack of knowledge about local markets

Lack of knowledge about local markets can lead to significant disadvantages in business operations and incorrect strategic decisions.

Difficulties in establishing local presence and brand awareness

A weak local presence and lack of brand awareness can lead to potential customers not being able to find or trust the company, resulting in low sales and reduced growth.

Challenges in adapting marketing and sales strategies to international markets

Incorrect marketing and sales strategies can significantly impact the sales potential of a product or brand.

G&E Sales offers effective solutions for your business challenges both domestically and internationally.

International Market Entry Consultancy

G&E Sales specializes in providing strategic market entry consulting to support businesses in successfully expanding their products and services into international markets. 

Digital Marketing Services

Expand your global brand awareness with G&E Sales, providing brand strengthening services on international markets. 

Trade Brokerage

Expand through networking: G&E Sales' matchmaking services help connect your business with the right partners.   

Import & Export

Ensure compliance and convenience: G&E Sales provides import and export services for your products in accordance with legal regulations.  

Distribution & Projects

Competent logistics management: G&E Sales delivers your products to customers and provides logistics for projects worldwide.   

Sales Process Optimization

Streamline your sales process: G&E Sales' process optimization increases profit margins and reduces unnecessary costs.    

Achieve global market success with G&E Sales through successful expansion into international markets.  

Benefit from our broad range of services and successfully tap into new markets and target groups.

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