Bavarian - Georgian Business Event in Nuremberg

From April 22 to 26, COMMIT, in cooperation with the German Business Association of Georgia (DWV), organized a delegation trip for Georgian companies to Bavaria. This initiative was part of the program "Bavaria - Fit for Partnership," launched and financed by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development, and Energy, with the organizational support of Bayern International. The aim of the delegation trip was to strengthen ties between Bavarian construction industry manufacturers and Georgian industry leaders to identify joint business opportunities. It served as a venue for Bavarian companies to showcase their products, services, and innovations. The Georgian delegation consisted of approximately 20 companies from the construction sector, focusing on energy-efficient construction.

G&E Sales, representing its partner company Specwall from the construction industry, participated in the event as a Bavarian company. As a reliable partner, G&E Sales presented the innovative offers of Specwall to the Georgian decision-makers and influencers. Active participation in the event allowed G&E Sales to explore mutual business opportunities, establish new relationships, and promote cooperation between Specwall and potential Georgian partners. 🤝✨

The construction sector in Georgia, particularly in the area of energy-efficient construction, offers significant prospects for German and other international companies. The country's strategic plan for 2024 envisages investments of nearly USD 700 million, with a focus on sustainable and energy-efficient construction. Georgia's commitment to infrastructure development is evident in its investments in roads, bridges, transportation systems, and the development of tourist facilities such as hotels and spas. In addition, the growing influx of immigrants from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus is fueling the expansion of the housing market. 🏗️🌍💼

The "Bavaria - Fit for Partnership" initiative was an important step in strengthening international relations and opening up new business opportunities between Bavaria and Georgia. The involvement of G&E Sales on behalf of Specwall highlighted the prospects for pioneering construction technologies in the Georgian market. With significant investment in infrastructure and an increasing emphasis on energy efficiency, the Georgian construction industry offers a lucrative opportunity for Bavarian companies. The event underscored the value of cooperation and the mutual benefits that international partnerships can bring to the Georgian market. 🌐🔧🌟

If your company is interested in entering the Georgian market, contact G&E Sales to discuss a possible partnership. 🌍🏗️🤝

Bavarian - Georgian Business Event in Nuremberg
Martin Konerth 6 June 2024
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