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G&E Sales, short for Global & Emerging Sales, is a dynamic company established in 2021 by the founder, Martin Konerth, in Fürth, Germany.

G&E Sales helps small and medium-sized companies with innovative solutions to expand their presence in global markets. As a trusted partner, we provide 1-on-1 services to help our clients succeed in their targeted regions worldwide.

Why The Decision Of Founding

G&E Sales

G&E Sales was established on the foundation of Martin's experience of introducing products to the UAE market in 2019. He recognized the necessity for companies entering new markets to have access to the specialized support which he felt was lacking in order to truly establish a presence in a targeted market. Martin's objective is to provide this support and assist other companies in overcoming similar challenges. For him, building a market presence means that products will be sold in the respective market and a brand presence will be established. This is the primary focus of G&E Sales.

Martin brings extensive experience in international business, having worked in 85 countries and cultures over a decade. His professional background includes co-founding a company in the UAE before founding G&E Sales in Germany. He also spent eight years with Electrolux, a global leader in home appliances. Throughout his career, he has developed expertise in various aspects of international business, including process improvement, CRM integration in foreign markets, international key account management, global aftersales pricing strategies, import/export sales, and other projects worldwide.

This diverse expertise enables him to develop tailored strategies for successful international market entry for his clients. The company's success in managing complex business landscapes and delivering impactful results is a testament to his focus on experience, competence, and reliability. G&E Sales cultivates strong partnerships with clients to achieve sustainable success and foster fruitful long-term relationships.

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G&E Sales' Services

Do you have visions of expanding your business globally, but feel overwhelmed by the challenges? Don't worry, G&E Sales is your reliable and trusted partner to enter international markets successfully!

We're here to help you with every step of the way, because we understand the ups and downs of international business perfectly. With a range of customized solutions, we'll help you enter  new markets and realize your business goals.

Our international expansion solutions are designed for ambitious companies looking to succeed on a global level. We are 100% dedicated to SMEs that possess the drive, creativity, and ambition to expand internationally and achieve significant growth.

If you're ready to invest your time and energy into growing your business on a global scale and are open to expert guidance from our experienced team, our program is made for you.

We aren't about quick fix or overnight success. We focus on sustainable, long-term success. That's why we look for professionals with the financial means to invest in a comprehensive strategy plan tailored to accelerate their global expansion journey and ensure lasting profitability.

However, if you're looking for a shortcut to success or hoping for immediate results without doing the necessary actions, our program may not be right for you. Similarly, if you're in a hurry to secure a client just to cover your immediate expenses, we suggest you reconsider whether you're ready to get started now.

If our approach resonates with you and you're ready to take your business to new heights internationally, we encourage you to explore our international market entry services further or schedule a call directly with us and let us help you suceed in global markets!

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Years of experience in international business
We can cover around 150 industries and sub-industries combined
Network and presence in more than 75 countries

Our Values


We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers through expertise and professionalism.


We believe in long-term, trust-based relationships with our customers and business partners and are committed to transparency and open communication.


We are committed to continuous growth and development to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Networking With Important Contacts

G&E Sales can help you build a network of customers, suppliers, and partners for your international business. We focus on meeting your needs and requirements.

Collaboration With Government Officials

G&E Sales can provide you with unique support for international projects by its access to government representatives.

Contacts With Business Associations & Institutions

Thanks to our connections with business associations and institutions, we are able to provide you with local market knowledge, insider tips and other important information for a successful market entry.

Building international trade relationships is not just about distributing goods and services globally, but also about creating connections with other cultures and people. The history of ancient Arab traders shows us that worldwide trade in goods and services existed long before modern globalization and how such connections were made. At G&E Sales, we have internalized this knowledge and experience and use it to help our clients successfully expand internationally.

Martin Konerth • Founder Of G&E Sales

Where You Can Find G&E Sales

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Our office address: Dianastrasse 96, 90441, Nuremberg, Germany (Please ask for an appointment before visiting!)